Saadani is the only game reserve that borders on the Tanzanian coast. The climate is warm and humid which gives rise to a unique combination of flora and fauna.


The Saadani National Park has more than 30 species of large mammals, reptiles, many exotic birds, more than 40 species of fish, green turtles, whales and dolphins. There are also buffalos, elephants, lions, zebras, bushbuck and other antelope species. You could see an elephant bathing in the sea, monkeys playing on the beach or find lion spoor on the white beach sand.

The Wami River streams right across the Saadani Park and is home to many hippos and crocodiles. You will see many large monitor lizards and hundreds of bird nests in the overhanging foliage, with birds of prey waiting for a chance to snap up the young birds.

Surface area of the park: about 1100 km²

Location: distance from Dar es Salaam: about 3 hours

Activities Saadani NP:

Game drives

As the park is relatively small, you can explore the park in a single day in an open overland vehicle.

Boat safaris

As a visitor to Saadani, this is a highly recommended activity. An adventurous boat safari will bring you close to many hippos, crocodiles, monitor lizards and an array of exotic birds.

Hiking safaris

A hiking safari led by an armed ranger, is a unique way of seeing wild animals up close. You also learn a lot about the flora and fauna.


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