The Mikumi National Park is the 4th biggest game reserve in Tanzania. It is a very accessible park with beautiful nature and is part of the larger Selous Game Reserve.  Mikumi is adorned with baobabs and the biggest of these majestic trees can be found in one of the camping areas. The Mikumi National Park is a lovely, varied park and can easily be combined with a stay in Zanzibar, or a beach resort on the Dar es Salaam coast.


The Mikumi National Park has many elephants, but also buffalos, giraffes, wildebeests, sables, antelope, impalas, kudus, baboons, warthogs and zebras. These attract many predators such as lions and leopards and you may even see wild dogs. Except for the rhinos, you can encounter the Big 5 here.

The hippo pool can be visited on foot and you will be able to witness the daily life of hippos and crocodiles here. There are many exotic birds feeding on the banks and this is a favourite place for the hammerhead bird. A fine spot for a sundowner! The Mkata River flows from the south to the north through this park, before joining the Wami River that meanders its way to the Indian Ocean.

Surface area of park: about 3250 km²

Location: distance from Dar es Salaam: about 4-5 hours



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